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How it looks and works
are two sides of the
same coin.

The harmony between design (front-end) and the programming (back-end) is the gold coin to getting a successful and profitable website ready to launch.

I take what you already know, love, and do, STEP-BY-STEP, through the process of creating a website that will work for you year after year!!

But why The Webbery?

Here’s my story

The Webbery

Have you heard the comment that goes something like this, “A roofer’s house leaks and a plumber’s faucet drips?” Well, I can literally relate from two perspectives, being married to a master carpenter… and as a web designer creating websites for clients.

Until an incisive moment, I too neglected to fix my own. The idea of starting to build my own website overwhelmed me. I couldn’t even think about it, much less, name it. I told myself, “I’m too busy.”

A few years ago, my husband decided to reimagine our small living space and he took it on full-force. The transformation was amazing but so were the headaches. But when all was completed, the results were worth every challenging moment. Then, it hit me, a moment of clarity, if I was going to fully understand my work, creating web design for others, I needed to do the same for myself. Webbery was born.

Your designer Birgit Basballe

These is my colors… What are yours?

The value

It all boils down to making the decision to begin and applying the expertise where it’s needed. Don’t get me wrong, the process is challenging! There are all kinds of frustrations and it’s exhausting at times. 

In doing the web design project for myself, I got bogged down. I reached out to my colleagues for help and inspiration. It was in those experiences I gained more insight to the process and realized why consulting was so important and how to do it better. 

The value of consulting crystallized for me. I knew my dream, my baby Webbery was going to grow up and become a web design consultant to help clients through the process. All because I stepped into my client’s shoes.


I believe a natural flow and logical design inspires loyalty, communicates clearly to the visual senses, and results in a website that encourages confidence and trust.

The journey to creating the perfect website for you can begin today. It doesn’t matter if you are already online, just starting, or somewhere in between, you are invited to partner with me as your website consultant.

I promise to guide you all the way to launching your new online presence that will inspire action and loyalty. We will take your goals and turn them into a reality, a web reality through Webbery! To start, I have prepared for you a guided dialogue between us. 

I challenge you to inspire me and I will do the same for you. Just click on the button below and begin the conversation.

This is just a house

But why The Webbery?

Here a story for you

Birgit Madsen’s art career began early one Danish summer morning while the household slept. It was at the end of the strawberry season, and Birgit was 2 years old.  The day before, her mother had gathered two large buckets of strawberries from the garden and made stewed strawberries. However, that morning there was something else stewing in the kitchen. Little Birgit awoke early and, finding the strawberries to be an irresistible shade of red, took her mother’s dish-brush and transformed the kitchen into a strawberry masterpiece. Upon discovery, her mother praised her 2 year old and proclaimed “How creative!”

It’s no wonder that as an artist, Birgit has worked extensively with oil paint on canvas. As a graphic artist her style is fresh, cutting edge and uniquely self-expressed. Her influences are unmistakably European with a Danish sense of color, beauty and simplicity.

Her passion for art and design is only matched by her love of people and helping them achieve their identity in the marketplace.

As shared with friend and colleague,
Newman Glenn, Photo Stylist

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